September 24, 2016

Diligent-a word study

Diligent: constant in effort to accomplish something, attentive and persistent indoing  anything; done or pursued with persevering attention, painstaking 
Synonyms: industrious, assidious, sedulous, infatigable, untiring, tireless, unremitting, earnest, studious, eager, conscientious, active, careful, constant, eager beaver,grind, laborious, oculied, pertinacious, steadfast, unflagging, persisting, hard-working
Antonyms: careless, disinterested, idle, ignorant, inactive, inattentive, indifferent, languid, lazy, lethargic, neglectful, negligent, thoughtless, tired, uncareful, unconcerned, unenthusiastic, unscrupulous, weary

I'd encourage you to look up the roots & definitions of the following words. Assidious, sedulous, pertinacious & steadfast at 
Very enlightening! Then share your thoughts below! 

What does it mean (to me) to be diligent? 
It means I am focused on the end game, the result, the finish line, the other person, the commitment I made. It means that when things are hard I persevere through it. It means I persist in what I've undertaken. I maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty or obstacles or discouragement (even broken human promises). It means I am fixed on my direction and firm in my actions. It means I am constant in my effort to accomplish what I set out to do. I am attentive, willing to work hard and hold on tenaciously to that purpose.*

**What does that look like in the context of seeking God? In my marriage? In my parenting? In my friendships?**

In the context of seeking God, it means I spend time in His Word, talking to Him, asking Him question and LISTENING to His answers, especially when they might not be what I want to hear or the answer comes in a way I didn't want. 
It means I place more value on what God says over my own desires. 
It means like a runner heading to the finish line, I stick close to Him whom I am chasing. 
It means that no matter how I may try to justify mypersonal  choices, God's Word is my guide. 
It means I don't twist His words to justify my actions. 
It means I take God's Word as a whole, knowing one verse doesn't negate another or that one verse taken from it's context (verses around it & the intended audience) can be warped. So I must do my homework. 
It means that regardless of anyone else's interpretation, I will always seek what God is saying and believe His words over those of amy man or woman. 
It means I am constant in my efforts to become more like Christ. 
And it means I will never "arrive" this side of heaven so I must hold my hands open willing to do the work God needs me to do to change me into Christlikeness. 
It means I am careful when listening to other voices (my own included). 
It means I am not swayed by what my heart wants. 

**questions I am still pondering. Would absolutely love to hear your thoughts! 


Dale Cupo said...

Sometimes I think seeking God diligently looks like resting in Jennie Allen said having breakfast with God .

Lisa Betz said...

Being diligent means following through, and it means getting involved even when you know the situation will be tough. But to balance that, diligence can turn into stubbornly ignoring the signals telling you to quit. Sometimes being diligent to do the good works God has for us means saying no, or quitting something we shouldn't be involved in.