February 14, 2013

40 days...

Today, I begin a journey.
A journey I am not walking alone.
A journey to grow...to pray...to stay away.
A journey with a daily commitment to others.
40 days, it seems like a daunting task. One I could never undertake in my own power. One I could never take credit for completing on my own.

This 40 day journey, will take discipline, iPad reminders, & accountability.
This 40 day journey will find me disconnecting yet connecting.
This 40 day journey will change me, my relationships & most importantly my life.

I will spend time...
In prayer.
In His Word.
In self-inspection.
In my journal.
In growing.
With my Jesus.

Today, I begin a journey.
A journey I will share with you here.
A journey that I hope and pray will change my life forever.
A journey that I pray continues well beyond the 40 days.