August 30, 2011

"Yaweh-Yireh" (from Genesis 22)

Today in my devotions I was challenged to 2 things: 
1. Read Psalm 91. List the promises God has for those who love Him.
2. Read the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22. What are some of the things Abraham did right that I can apply to my situation?
So, I set out to do just that...
After listing out the promises I read in Psalm 91, I read Genesis 22-a story I was very familiar with, yet I took new eyes to it today.  What did Abraham do in spite of the circumstances that I can apply today...right this moment?  Well, my answer didn't come exactly the way I expected it to...But here is where my thoughts took me today...

Genesis 22-God spoke. Abraham didn't understand. YET Abraham obeyed! He got up, gathered what he needed for the "job" ahead and walked!  And walked some more...then when he had walked for days, having been questioned by his son, he continued to walk.  Then he began to build-do the "job" he was told to do.

Still unsure, probably scratching his head, even shedding some tears I would imagine.  Totally confused by what God asked of him, what God EXPECTED of him. I can just hear his anguish filled thoughts, "GOD! This-referring to Isaac-is what YOU promised to me AND NOW YOU are going TO TAKE this from me!" Abraham's actions show that even in the confusion-he just had to be confused didn't he?-he STILL believed and trusted God. He did NOT run away OR have a back-up plan in his pocket-he moved in the direction that made NO SENSE to him whatsoever. HE TRUSTED GOD TO KEEP HIS PROMISE!

And when the time came to let go of his son, completely & utterly without understanding why God was asking this of him-God did His part-HE KEPT HIS PROMISE and provided the way out-the one needed piece that only HE could provide AND in such a way that credit could ONLY be given to "Yaweh-Yireh"-THE LORD WILL PROVIDE!

What promise has GOd given to you that circumstances are making it look impossible?
Where do you need to walk in faith when those steps make no sense?

May I encourage you to read Psalm 91 & Genesis 22...and record your thoughts in a journal.

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