June 6, 2008

Wow...it's been awhile...as usual =)

Once again, I apologize for being gone so long (I do that alot here don't I?)

Alas, life is just that way for me it seems-I have long moments at the computer having fun-chatting with you, sending flair on facebook (LOL), and browsing the internet-mostly e-bay, my favorite place to browse. Then it seems as if life hits & I go very very long stints with no free/fun time online. I miss when I can't be here to chat, but c'est la vie!

So what shall we chat about today-

How about dreams-you know those ones that are just weird beyond weird? Those ones you wake up from & can't stop trying to analyze-why was I surfing on a table uphill to a development? Why did the houses suddenly become built on top of boulder walls that you have to hike? And where in the world did that Lion come from at that house with the odd front yard that looked like a small arena? Why did my friend leave me in that arena to "fight" the lion myself? And then how in the world did I ever become the "Lion Whisperer" taming that lion-I don't know how I did that?

Ya know one of those kind of dreams? I'd love to hear about them. Won't you consider sharing your dream with me?

I had a friend once who in her dream had little snippets of paper flying around her all night long while she slept. We had NO questions why about that dream-we were at a scrapbooking retreat-LOL!

Anyway, if you feel led to share, I'd love to hear. Just be patient with me as it may be some time until I am back. So check in periodically & let me know what you'd like to hear about. That helps get my thoughts going just a little extra!

Blessings to ya!