November 11, 2008

Tears & laughter

As I sat down to check e-mail, update my facebook and maybe chat with a few friends on line this morning, one e-mail caught my eye. I had a comment on one of my blog posts. So here I am...

It was on my laughter post... something I desperately needed to be reminded of today. I've had a somewhat tough week. Not as tough as some people by any means, but tears have been shed this week for many many different reasons-all too personal to share-but heartache none the less.

In the midst of all these tears, this morning I woke up and just wanted to crawl back under the covers & stay there all day long! In fact to be totally honest I got online this morning to watch a nice depressing music video cuz I just need a really good cry. :'-(

Life is like that sometimes, last night a piece of flair on facebook struck me (one that is on my board but I had forgotten). It reads: Crying....what makes things feel better when nothing else can. How true that is! The one thing I love is that I am free to cry-I wish it was easier to do, but I think as we become wives, moms, career women we feel that we shouldn't let other people see us cry. Is it seen as a sign of weakness? Should it be seen that way? Why do we let ourselves see it that way? Am I the only person who feels this way?

I feel as though I am rambling this morning for some reason. Maybe because I am just not sure how to feel today. I still have heartache to deal with-so there is a heaviness in my heart and tears in my eyes. Yet re-reading my post on laughter makes me want to just move on. But I'm not quite sure I'm ready to laugh yet... Why is that so hard sometimes too?

The thing I am most grateful for in all of this... My Lord and My God who is forever there to let me cry, yell, scream or laugh, giggle, chuckle with Him even sometimes at Him. And never once does He walk away, stomp off in anger, forget what makes you who you are or say hurtful words back. He is there to comfort me when I need it and laugh with me when I can.

Thanks for stopping by-I love to hear from you! Hope you have a blessed day! Tears & laughter-sometimes they just go hand in hand.