December 31, 2011

In Reflection

It's been a year of endings...some quite difficult.

It's been a year of beginnings...most quite wonderful.

It's been a year of tears...many happy, some sad & many bittersweet.

It's been a year...a wonderful, crazy, stress filled, relaxed, happy, sad, roller coaster kind of year.and I wouldn't trade one minute of it.

I've spent moments in prayers.
I've spent moments in song.
I've had moments of tears.
I've had moments of laughs.

I've spent time with my family.
Watched my son graduate
Along with 20 kids I love like my own.
I've seen him fly the nest and return again. :)

I've spent time with my friends.
Eating meals, having coffee & talking
Laughing, crying, praying & dancing.
I couldn't do life without you.

...are painful.
Ecclesiastes reminds us that everything has a season. And seasons must end. Winter must come so that spring can well...spring! There is beauty in each ending-if we are willing to look for them. For with each ending, perhaps it's actually a...

...are typically anticipated.
As one season ends a new season begins! So rather than focus in what has been, perhaps we should loom ahead to what God has next. Don't ignore the feelings of hurt or disappointment from the previous seasons ending...just don't dwell on
them. Allow God to move you through the next season...

For nothing is better than being with God where you are...

2012...what will you bring? How will respond to life? Will I love the way Jesus loved me-selflessly, unconditionally & fully?

What are you pondering as you look...
...back in reflection on the year just ending? ...ahead with anticipation for the year on the verge of beginning?

May I encourage the Bible, read about just how much God loves you, & talk to Him! You will find no more fulfilling relationship or reliable friend than in Jesus Christ!