April 3, 2015


Zzzzzzz, while it does not have a dictionary definition; everyone knows exactly what it means.
It is the sound one makes when feeling very tired &/or wanting sleep.
Part of speech? Not really sure...I would say Interjection, what do you think?

After this past week's whirlwind trip to Florida for a wedding on the Gulf Coast through central Florida to the East Coast then back to the airport in 4 days, I will be ready for some zzzzzzzzz's next week as we are blessed to vacation with friends in the OBX!
Started the week off with a 3:30AM bedtime on Tuesday morning...yup, we sat up with my hubby's cousin until 3:30 just chatting away about this that & the other thing. She is a wonderful hostess & her home is just precious. But we were all zzzzzzzzzzz.... and it set the stage for the week! I was in Florida for a whole 4 days and spent NO LESS than 2 hours in the car EVERY day! Phew....that's a whole lot of driving. However, I also got to catch some zzz's at the beach 3 of the 4 days! And beach comb of course! My shell stash coming home was quite good!

Here are some pictures from my trip!
Let's get going to...
Can you spot the gecko?
the palm trees & sunshine!

Lido Beach-sand so white! Water so blue!
Mom & I-Lido Beach
So much deliciousness

Blue skies & palms

Beach combing with mom 
Stuart Beach (east coast)
Jensen Beach (east coast)

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