October 8, 2016

Election 2016 Angst

He has a documented history of speaking crassly about women. 
She has a documented history of lying. 
They are digging up 10 yr old videos of his crassness. 
Perhaps to distract from her recent lies. 
So the arguements go. 

I struggle with these 2 being our "best" options. Then I think about the Israelites, after entering the Promised Land, looking around and desiring what others had. They (the majority) wanted a King, I truly believe there were folks who did not want a King. Yet they all as one got what the majority asked for...Saul. 

That echoes the heartbeat of our culture today. We want equality of everything...so here we are. Our choices slim...the things we've asked for...or rather the majority has asked for. Equality...on the surface it sounds good. But when you start to do some digging into what that looks like, it is actually a very destructive word. 

Equality breeds entitlement. The kind of thinking that leads some of the we to cease striving to work hard, do well, learn more. While other we continue to work hard, do well, learn more so they can get ahead, a job promotion, pay off loans, willingly help others. Some of the we begin to expect the other we who work hard, do well, learn more to foot their bill too. Soon the other we, have nothing left to give, grow weary from working so hard & have no time left to learn more. 

It is happening all around us, daily. Look around...I don't want something that is not mine. I don't want this kind of equality. I don't what the majority is asking for...but I think I may not have a say (kind of like the 2 spies!) and it may be that the other we no longer matter. 

I find myself wondering just what God wants us to do, not what some of the we or the other we want. And if you are like me, you are probably spending more time thinking about it, reading about it, talking about it & very little time praying about it. 

Father, forgive me. Help me spend more time talking & listening to You. 

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