February 1, 2008

Snow Day-YEAH! (well really Ice Day)

No School today, a day to sleep in & what does my dear teenager do? He gets up at 5:45 (doesn't check to see if there is school) and gets ready to go to Friday morning breakfast! Now me I would have slept in for sure! But I must say (another surprise for me from the teenage set) I am impressed!

To understand the reason you must understand a teenager! Normal teens must be drug out of bed daily for school & anything else that happens before 10am-my son is no different. He likes to sleep in whenever he can. NOT THIS MORNING though!

These Friday morning breakfasts are special-it is a guys Bible study that started oh-5 or so years ago. This is my sons first year attending & he really looks forward it-so much so that he gets up at 5:45 am (a WHOLE hour & a half before he'd have to be up) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???

I couldn't either when he told me he wanted to go. My response was-that's great, if you can get up you can go-Oh yeah & BTW exactly how are you getting there? To my sweet surprise he was up & has a ride to get there every Friday he's around.

Just one more way the teens I know surprise me! These are guys who want to run through life with God in the lead and in today's world that is the only way to run life! There is so much to wade through for kids & teens today-that to have this support is crucial.

SO....I end this morning saying-You GO BOYS-don't let a little snow (or ice) stop ya-just slow down a little bit =)

What an impression-BTW did I mention that school ended up cancelled, but a couple of the guys still went to breakfast-just later in the morning?

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