January 31, 2008

Kids Today

I was sitting here killing some time - on Facebook of all places! =) Checking out what some of my friends have been up to, checking out what some of the teens I know have been up to & BOY WAS I SURPRISED.

Ok, not really that surprised by the teens I know, because they are really good kids. What surprised me was the depth of thinking that the teens have about things of God.

I was truly inspired by them to continue to question & seek diligently the things of God! Their hearts are truly amazing-they desire for God to heal their hurts, to reach their friends so God can heal their hurts, to reach our church & the community at large-so that every person in our area can allow God into their lives & heal their hurts!

So I say-those Kids Today-they really can surprise me. I'm glad to know each one of you. Keep pressing forward in the race & never stop looking to the Lord, creator of heaven and earth

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

Another blogger huh! :) Is it hard to set up? I bet the same friend is one who has also mentioned I should blog - but it seems kinda overwhelming. Maybe I'll just have to catch yours and hers. ;)

Anyway - thanks for sharing your thoughts!