February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day on the Mountain

...or should I say glacier, but I'll get to that!

Well, our day started out ordinarily enough. School started on time-darn it all! So it was up on time-really wanted to sleep in, but that just wasn't going to happen today.

So it's up, showered, dressed & ready to take our DS to school then off to work for me. So out the door we head to the car. Ice was everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE)-oh, did I mention that when it is cold our mountain turns into a glacier outside our front door? Thank God for our carport-which shelters me & my car from glacier like weather. Well, we back out of the carport onto the glacier & our morning trek begins at 8am!

Our normal drive to school is about 8 minutes long. This morning it took 8 minutes just to get down our growing glacier-um I mean our driveway. Our glacier had grown beyond anything I had EVER seen before in Pennsylvania. Our entire upper half of our driveway, parking area & yard had become solid ice overnight! REALLY-SOLID ice from END TO END-one end being the cliff that drops off on one side. I am a paranoid freak on ice & now I have to figure out how to get my son to school without careening off the edge of our glacier-SIDEWAYS no less.

Yes, we were heading down the driveway with both driver side wheels leading the way. THIS IS NOT THE WAY MY CAR IS SUPPOSED TO TRAVEL! 8 minutes later-the new world record (according to our 15 yr old son) for longest time EVER getting down the driveway, an expletive that just never comes out of my mouth & many thoughts later-why am I taking him to school?-he could just stay home today, couldn't he?-this would count as an excused absence I'm sure! Oh yes and How in the world did my Dear hubby get those roses & wonderful card into the house without me seeing him-did he actually go out early this morning & make it back up this glacial mess?-we're now on with our day!

...that is until it was time for dinner. My MIL had invited us for dinner this evening (yes it was v-day) so my traditional dinner gift would have to wait until another night. Are you ready for this-dinner was a King family favorite beef heart & beef tongue (not this King though)! I am told it is very good, but I just cannot get past the picture of a cow's tongue sticking out (come on picture it with me!) *Mmmllllleeeeeee-sound of sticking your tongue out I think :-)

My MIL is so wonderful though-she knows this is not for me-so I had pork instead! Yummy chocolate cake for dessert & a great visit with all. I must say, I did really enjoy not having to cook after a long day at work! But our weekend of celebrating doesn't end there....

Check back in for an update on the rest of my Valentine Holiday weekend.

BTW-I am so excited that everyone is celebrating our anniversary with us on Monday-can you believe it our anniversary is A NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!!! LOL!

(Remind me to tell you about the week leading up to valentine's day sometime-OMGH!)

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