January 30, 2008

A Day in the Life

Well, as I sit her ready to head to bed for what I hope to be a good night sleep, I think back over my day.

Was I productive? Does that really matter?

Did I treasure the moments or meet the needs that God placed in my path today? Now that really matters! At least in my world it is what truly matters.

You see I think some days I could be very "productive"-You know what I mean. I've managed to cross 30 things off my 100 pg. long to do list plus about 15 things that weren't even on the list-isn't that what the world considers "productive?"

But did I stop long enough to see the birds at the feeder? Did I listen to my son when he actually wanted to talk? Did I slow down long enough to "play"today? How about that co-worker who looked really down today-did I ask how they were & then really truly listen with my heart?
Or was my day so consumed with getting things crossed off my to do list that I missed those wonderful moments that God placed in my path?

As I look back on my day today-it is my prayer that I was truly "productive" in God's eyes & not the eyes of men alone.

So how productive were you today?

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