January 30, 2008

Hello to All

well, inspired by a friend whose blog I luv to read-here I am almost 3 years after setting up my blogspot & finally writing for all the world to see.

As I prepare to head to work for today, I was struck this morning by much that the Lord was showing me-in the shower, in my quiet time. So I thought I'd share one of them with you this morning.

the lesson He had to teach me for today was this-I am setting the example for my son!

Now most of the time as a mom that seems like a no brainer-but let me explain where this specific lesson came from. Last evening I had a choice to make! My dear hubby pretty much made the choice for me (with which you must understand my ok in the end!) We were invited for dinner at his parents home-I had a conflict but no car-UGH! So I pretty much was at his mercy for transportation last night.

I was very glad I went, but distressed none the less. I laid "blame" on him to those I couldn't be with & God very clearly showed me (in the shower-He talks to me alot there) That I am setting the example for our son in regards to how his future wife may treat me! Whoa-that was sobering. I know that my actions as mom set an example, but I had never thought about how my actions toward my in-laws (whom I absolutely adore!!!) were an example as to what would be ok in the future.

You see we are invited over frequently & my dh reminded me last night that I had declined due to conflict the last 3 or so times, so off we went! It wasn't until this morning that I realized by pushing off the invites & time to spend with them (they are 77 & 80 btw) I was showing my son (who is 15) that it is ok for your spouse to blow off your parents. That is not an precedent I want to set afterall-He is our only child. What a lonely existence that could be down the road.
So I have vowed to be sure that family is valued (which it always has been) not just in word in ACTION!

Blessings to you today! And may we all be a strong example to our children in ALL that we do!

Hope you'll come back again soon


My Semblance of Sanity said...

:) Well, let me be the very first commenter ever!!!

Loved this post - this should be one that you re-post every now and again to remind all of us!~

Dina said...

Well we missed you at practice, but know that you made the right decision!! You go girl!!!
Keep on bloggin! I like it!