February 20, 2015


Well now there's an interesting word, don't you think? Especially sonce "Q" was a few weeks ago & I missed it. (A blogger friend told me that I should write what needs to be written...so here it is)
Quondam (adjective) [kwon-duh m, -dam]  
         former, one-time (his quondam partner)

Now I am sure some of you are wondering why I chose this particular word for this A to Z Blog post?
It is a very odd word indeed! Well, let's see...the thought process went a little something like this!
1. Q is a hard letter to decide what to write AND have it be original-not your standard words!
2. It is Tuesday now, which means my post is several days late.
3. Which led to a dictionary.com search.
4. Quondam is a kind of second cousin synonym to the word 'late'!
             'Bygone',  'erstwhile', 'former', 'old', 'once', 'past', 'sometime' & 'olden' are all synonyms to                    'late' to which 'quondam' is a\THE ONLY synonym that starts with a Q... there is not another!
5. Voila! Q...quondam for the A to Z blog post for a late letter Q.

I do hope that we can all find a use for this fun word in our daily verbiage (or adjectiviage-I don't think that's really a word, but I do like the concept!!) at least once in the week ahead.
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Q, yup that's right!

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Lisa Betz said...

Quirky, a little queer, but quite appropriate. (I refer to the choice of word)

Kathleen Rouser said...

Q is definitely more fun than T, so why not? ;)
Quondam is definitely a new word to me.

shelly k said...

Kathleen-it was a new word to me too!
I had fun writing this post & was busy taking care of my hubs post surgery, that I totally lost track of days for a couple weeks...so, here is q :)

I am kind of excited for my next post too...which actually came to me as I was hitting post and realized what I needed to "play catch up" on :) Hehehe