January 16, 2015


Such an interesting word to say...olfactory (ol-fak-tuh-ree OR ohl-fak-tree). It is an adjective meaning of or relating to the sense of smell

Smell is such an important part of our lives...one we don't always take time to appreciate, that is until we can't smell! The past week I have suffered from a horrible head cold that left my head feeling like it was the size of our friend's hot air balloon!

That stuffed head left me drained (both literally, my nose was draining & figuratively, my body was worn out) and in the process I had no appetite. I am a person who LOVES the smell that accompanies food (or hates it....depending on the food) but needless to say, I taste with my nose! (I don't know if that's scientifically true but it's true for this girl.)

I think that was a big part of why I wasn't hungry. Well, I had moments I was hungry...but no appetite.  I didn't truly enjoy much of what I did eat, had no desire to cook (I probably shouldn't be cooking for anyone else the way I was feeling anyway.) I couldn't smell my candle burning or even a pretty flower. What a feeling of disconnectedness from the world around me.

It isn't until I was without my olfactory sense that I realized how much I take that for granted. What else do we take for granted? Let's think about it before it's gone, so we can appreciate it while we have it....or perhaps more importantly it should be 'who' that we think about.

Hbe a great week!
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J'nell Ciesielski said...

Oh man, I feel you! I've been suffering from sinus problems for a month. It hasn't affected my smell too much, only the occasional drip drip. Is that too gross? Sorry.

Karla Akins said...

Scents are such an important part of our memory process. I can still remember how my grandmother's kitchen smelled. Pumpkin pie, and any kind of baking scents in general remind me of her.

shelly k said...

J'nell-nope not too gross...we've all dealt with that before!

Karla-so true! :)