October 27, 2009

Hidden Blooms?

This is one of my favorite flowers in my beds! RECENTLY AS I THOUGHT about my knock-out rose, I contemplateD all the work that goes into it. None of the work is difficult. In fact most of the work needed for this rose is quite simple! It just takes consistency...One thing I noticed this year was that even when the weeds were HUGE around it-it still bloomed amazingly. The only problem was seeing those blooms cuz the weeds blocked the blooms from view. Is this how my spiritual 'blooms' work at times? the work isn't hard-just takes consistency! Can I be in 'bloom' and noone see it cuz the 'weeds' have just gotten too big that they block my 'blooms'? your thoughts? Please share :) P.S. sorry for the all caps in the one sentence-I could NOT get it to go back to lowercase there!

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