October 27, 2009

Revealing those hidden blooms

In Eph. 5:18, Paul tells us to 'Be filled with the spirit.' Just because we are a Christian-a 'new' creation-does NOT automatically eliminate our old sinful nature-darn it! We need to stay filled with the spirit! Is this how we reveal our hidden blooms too? Just like a car cannot run forever on that 1st tank of gas we put in it when its new, neither can we! We need to 'pull up to the pump' regularly! Does that compare to pulling the weeds outta my garden to reveal my hidden blooms? Is it time for me to 'pull up to the pump again?' Hmmm... Why is it this way-we have to be consistently 'pulling weeds' or 'pulling up to the pump'... Perhaps afrad we live in a world that depletes us spirisally and we contend with a 'core of carnality' that seeks to defeat us. thoughts?

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