July 29, 2008


As I sit here with my coffee, catching up with Facebook friends, reading Blogs I haven't been to in awhile, checking e-mail-you know all those normal things we do with the computer I was struck by what a world we live in today.

I was able to actually chat with several friends all at the same time and it was a real time conversation-isn't that an interesting phrase-a real time conversation. So what exactly is that?

Once we called it getting together or hanging out with our friends! That was the ONLY way possible to have a real-time conversation-actually face to face (ok maybe over the phone) many times it was one on one-as in the phone conversation or small groups when we'd hang out (or play depending on our age at the time).

Now real-time conversations are crazy! Even as I sit here writing-I just got to chat on Facebook with someone briefly. AIM, txting (which is my new favorite hobby), Facebook chat, im, telephone, and the list goes on. You literally could have real-time conversations with everyone all at the same time (or at least how ever many your computer could support). Sometimes it seems like madness.

I am just as addicted to the gadgets of this day as the next person! But sometimes it is so good to disconnect ourselves from it. Everything today seems so INSTANT! We have forgotten how to be patient. How can we get that back again?

I am a prime example of that many times-most recently when txting. If I send a txt and don't get a reply in like 10 seconds I am fidgety, constantly looking at my phone sometimes I even talk to it! LOL I need that disconnect from all things gadget! HELP!

Until next time-thanks for reading my rambles

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