July 23, 2008

Laughter truly is THE best medicine

I just spent an amazing weekend with an amazing group of young people ages from 11-38! what fun we had. I haven't laughed so hard in......well, I'm not really sure when the last time was. Did it ever feel good.

Life for me has been full of work, work, hubby's new work, son's work, and all the serious stuff of life for the past year (maybe more). Now don't get me wrong, I still had fun on occasion, would laugh a bit here & there. hang out with friends. But life seemed to be flying by & I was just getting older & more tired & less excited about life. Wow, that's pretty personal isn't it???

Well, I feel more alive than I've felt in a long time. I feel so young & rejuvenated & the story behind it all is too long & way too personal to share. But suffice it to say that hours of laughter with young people fixed that.

I am still cool-not old! I apparently am fun to be around, "the coolest mom," and a party animal! I LUV MY LIFE! I have a new appreciation for everything around me-my family, friends, & work.

And all it took was an all-nighter full of laughter-so hard you cried & your stomache muscles still hurt 2 days later-the kind of laughter where you can't catch your breathe! And a couple of 17-20 yr olds telling you they want to be like you at 38 always helps.

Blessings to ya & take time to Laugh OUT LOUD today!

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