March 29, 2015

Yellow sunshine

This is one thing that WILL get me up early!
I am not a morning person, but being on the beach to catch a beautiful Yellow sunrise over the water....that will often get me up early! (Though that will probably have to wait for the the next week when hubby AND I are on vacation with friends!)

I am craving Yellow sunshine & the warmth it brings! In 24 hours I head to FL for my first destination wedding...and I can't wait! For the wedding of course, but the extra days surrounding it, when I can sit in the sand & enjoy the Yellow sunshine...

Yellow sunshine on BOTH Florida coasts is the forecast the next 4 days...and I am hitting them both!

I plan to spend a whole lot of my time just like this...

soaking my toes in the waves, large doses of vitamin D for my body and a bottle of water nearby.
OH and all the fabulous fresh produce I can eat in 4 days.
A new family beginning...with the hope of ending with a beautiful
Yellow sunset over the Gulf for their special night!

Yellow sunshine is definitely coming my way & I am thrilled!

(just in case you missed it...this week's letter: Y!)
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1 comment:

Kathleen Rouser said...

Hoping you have a fabulous time in the
yellow sunshine, Shelly! Nothing like the
water and warmth for soothing away winter's troubles!

I am not a morning person either, but one
summer, when we were away on vacation up
north I woke up early just about every morning
and was up in time to take pictures of the beautiful
sunrise over the Straits of Mackinac!