November 18, 2013

Pausing to ponder...and scratching my head!

I am pausing tonight to ponder a statement I stumbled upon not too long ago. You see this statement left me feeling slightly baffled & actually a bit confused too... Especially in light of it being the time of year where we are encouraged to stop, be thankful & count our blessings. I am struggling to wrap my brain around the thought process behind such a statement. I mean, I understand I shouldn't think better of myself than someone else. I also understand that everything I have & consider a blessing could be taken from me at any moment. Does that stop me from looking for the blessings around me? Is it wrong to count my blessings? Is it really a bad idea to call a blessing a blessing? In turn, light of the statement that has me pondering tonight...calling something a blessing could be seen as discouraging to others....should I ever really say I am thankful for something?

Okay...maybe I better write down the statement with some surrounding context, so you can better understand my quandry. This is a comment from a friend to another friend: "...I'm thankful for that. (I tend not to call things like that blessings because that can be discouraging for others who might not have similar experiences.)" In response to: "God's blessing've got roots growing up all over the place!!!"

I read this & found myself shaking my head! For I do believe that I am blessed...I am not perfectly heathy, my home is not finished, we drive used cars, we have family issues...and the list goes on. I understand others have it better than me & transversely others have it worse. But does that mean I can't count my roof, food on my table, my extended family, friends, my church family & all the other sundry of little things I count among my blessings 'blessings' because....according to that statement above-I may be a discouragement to someone else who might not have my experiences.

I actually find that thought process to be absurd for several reasons. I am not counting my blessings, or calling the things I'm thankful for blessings, in order to make someone feel down. It is to help me keep my life in perspective! No one's experiences are ever exactly the same. We all have different upbringing, family, homes, to allow my blessing to discourage you...well...thats just plain silly. And lastly, knowing a bit about other things this person says & shares, I am not surprised they'd say this...but I am still puzzled, since they tend to lean toward the line of thought that says things like: it's your life, do what makes you happy. Don't let anyone tell you how you should feel. And ultimately, I know my blessings however big or small in comparison to others are given to me by God chosen for me. And to NOT call them a blessing would be an insult to the creator of the universe. 

What are your thoughts on calling a blessing just that a blessing?

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