March 25, 2013

Pondering...(a peek inside a few minutes in my brain)

I think this 40 day fast from Facebook has been a very good thing...for me. It isn't for everyone 😉

I believe in my last post, I said I would post my journey here...then I realized I did NOT want one technology connecting point to replace another one...controlling my interactions on social media is a HUGE challenge for me. So I have NOT posted anything about my journey for others to read...and I am ok with that too.

When I started my fast I saw a meme picture...on Pinterest (yes, I did still go there...occasionally!) It was a link to a blog post about letting people know you are fasting social media & I did not feel the message was overly positive. In fact, the blog author came across with a very scolding attitude imho. You see, I did let people know, posting on FB as my status that I would be gone & why for a number of reasons...none of which were to 'toot my on horn' as was implied in this other blog post.

For someone who interacts with people alot via FB, I felt it very important for those relationships to know why they couldn't 'find' me or weren't 'seeing' me anymore. For some of my FB friends, that is our only mode of communication, we don't text or email or call. Its also why I chose to have my last post before shutting down my wall, while keeping my profile 'active', be about why I wasn't visibly active on FB. (I did NOT want to just disappear...nor did I want to come back to a zillion posts asking where i was! Okay, a zillion is probably an exaggeration😊)

You see for me, FB isn't about 'the number' of friends I have, it truly is about the quality of relationship. I don't want to just 'collect' friends, I want to interact with them. Yes, many are more what I would categorize as acquaintances than friends (and some are family-another interesting facet to relationships indeed!)...but that is a social media problem in my opinion. The word 'friend' doesn't mean what it used to, kind of like the word 'love'.

I love my husband...I love soup...NOT the same!
She is my friend (we 'do life' together)...he is my friend (we went to HS together)...NOT the same!
Thats a whole different topic for another day.....

Coming full circle in this thought process....
I am so thankful I followed Gods lead to fast FB for 40 days & replace that time with time spent with Jesus...building THE MOST important relationship I will ever have! And I am also thankful that I followed His lead TO post it on preserve some relationships that are important...yet precarious right now.

Okay...thats what a few minutes inside of my brain looks like....scary place, I know 😏

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