January 21, 2012

A Snow Day

Today, as I was outside loading up our woodstove, my puppy was just frolicking away in the snow!  She LOVED everything about it!  So much so, that at one point upon returning inside she literally took me by the hand and led me to the door so we could go outside AGAIN!

Now as many of you may remember, she was in a bad accident in June (at just shy of 4 months old) where her hip broke near the joint and was never repair...it was left to heal on its own & would create a "false joint".  One day she will have arthritis in that hip...but today...watching her...no one and I mean no one would ever think she has a totally disconnected bone in her hip!  I didn't even think about it...until later...when I took the step back to see the bigger lesson to be learned from my girl today.

Sometimes the world WILL try to rip us apart, run us over, break us to a point where full repair is not possible.  How will I handle that? Will I wallow or will I frolic? Will I make sure everyone knows I am suffering or will I enjoy life? The choice is mine!

Like my girl....I choose to frolic in the life God has blessed me with, despite the "damage" that has been done or the mistakes I have made!  I WILL FOCUS on the frolic!!! What will you do?

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