March 18, 2008

gone too long

well, hello there! that is the sound I am hearing in my head as I return to my own blog. I hadn't realized that I had been gone so long.

Life has been insane-I sometimes am on the computer so much for work that when I come home I just can't even stand to look at the computer again. Eventho I love Facebook, reading my friends blogs & sharing some of my thots with you-the thot of sitting in front of my computer for longer than 5 seconds-to quickly look at my e-mail & decide if it needs my attention today or it can wait until the next day off-is even more than I can bear!

But here I am today-realizing that I have been gone for almost a month-that is no way to treat you the potential reader-so sorry! =-) Please forgive me.

I don't have a whole lot mulling around in my mind today, beyond the fact that I have enjoyed my day off today - how did I enjoy it you ask-by doing absolutely nothing that matters in the larger scheme of life. I was on facebook, checked e-mail, watched some tv, really nothing of eternal value. Probably not the best way to spend the day-but overdue in my book. Ok, I did do a few things of value for the family-made dinner, ran the dishwasher, did a load of laundry, washed sheets & remade (oops-remaking - it's not done yet) the bed oh and showered-I am sure my family appreciated that =)

Tonight, I will be at a women's function (in fact I need to go get dressed for that-it starts in 40 minutes!) at my church. I am looking forward to a wonderful evening of God's prescence. I find these evenings to be very refreshing for me. I will miss some of my friends who will not be able to be there tonight, but I will enjoy God's presence that I am sure of.

Ok, so I am done rambling for today-I pray that you have a blessed day. If I see more of you reading my blog, perhaps that would spur me on to write more consistently. Maybe we should try that????

I don't get many opportunities for creative outlet lately, perhaps I should try to hone my writing skills just a bit? would you be my guinea pigs & help me hone those skills? Of course that means you have to come & visit my site, then you have to actually read what I wrote! Hum.....maybe this isn't such a good idea afterall.

See ya!

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Anonymous said...

I came, I saw, I read...and would be ready and willing to be your "guinea pig". I think.